Heat tracing systems are available for heat tracing factory pre-insulated piping systems from freeze protection up to 1500°F.  These systems are available for almost every pre-insulated pipe application with a wide selection of pipe materials.


Heat Tape Traced Systems added to a preinsulated piping systems offers an economical and manitance free solution to any above or below grade fluid application that requires electric heat tracing.

Heat Tape Traced Systems are the economical choice for heating all types of fluids in a preinsulated pipe application.  These systems are typically short runs of pipe that can be fed by a single power source or for longer runs of pipe by multiple power sources along the pipe route.  PERMA-PIPE designs these systems with a tube or channel attached to the pipe by welding, banding or taping the tube down.  This gives the cable a place to be pulled into the system and to have access to the cable in the event of cable failure.  PERMA-PIPE designs these system based on your design requirements so there are no limits to your system design.

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Skin Effect Current Heat Tracing is the most cost effective heat tracing design for long runs of pipe. The design can be furinished as a single end power feed or mid fed power feed design on preinsulated pipe or field insualted pipe applications.

Skin Effect Current Heat Tracing combines the engineering principles of skin effect and proximity effect design that offers an economical solution to heat tracing problems in long pipelines by providing a single or mid-fed power point.  PERMA-PIPE can design and supply a complete system that includes the engineering, material, and preinsualted pipe system for any application.  We can also design a system for existing pipe systems.  PERMA-PIPE has supplied this system for resins, fuel oil, paint lines, sulphur, benzene, styrene gas, praxylene, chemicals and acids.

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STEREO-HEAT® Impedance Heat Tracing is a direct current electric traced system across the ends of a steel or alloy pipeline section that provides even heat distribution on short to medium runs of preinsulated pipe.

STEREO-HEAT®  Impedance Heat Tracing is based on the application of AC voltage across the ends of an insulated pipeline section on short and medium runs of pipe causing a current flow in the pipe walls that generates heat.  This is an engineered custom designed system within ANSI/IEEE 844, NEC 426,427 and your specification requirements. This system can be retrofitted onto an existing pipe system or as part of a preinsulated PERMA-PIPE® system.  Applications such as liquid food products, oil, asphalt, resins, napthalene, Urea, food oils are just a few systems that utilize STEREO-HEAT® tracing.

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