Engineered Hydronic Systems provides a host of Services to compliment your project.  Please contact us for more detailed information on how you can benefit from these applications.

Infrared Leak Detection Survey is a economical non-evasive service that can locate areas of high thermal loss that are indicative of wet insulation due to conduit or service pipe leak.
Tracer Gas Survey is an economical choice for locating leaks in secondary containment and heat distribution conduit system in a non-evasive survey.
Sonic Leak Detection Survey is an economical non-evasive detailed survey to locate, pinpoint and classify leaks on buried water distribution systems both hot and cold fluids.
Coating Discontinuity Test provides a non-evasive approach to coating integrity for all buried and coated piping systems.
Electronic Mapping below grade pipe location is critical, our service provides detailed information on location and depth of metallic pipe.
Cathodic Protection Services can provide complete system testing to insure that your CP system meets its design life.